Featured Clients

Corporate Consultants works closely with senior management from a wide variety of national corporations. A sampling of the industries we cover:

Direct Moving Service Providers
National Moving Lead Aggregation Corporations
Real Estate Partners
Mortgage Partners
DTV Partners
Affinity Organizations
Mass Box Retailers


What We Do

Corporate Consultants leverages its large network of close, professional relationships with key decision-makers (all senior-level executives) of national, multi-million dollar and billion dollar companies, especially from the relocation, real estate and financial services industries. Many of these are companies that we’ve been able to successfully align as successful partners with each other. We work with this network to identify alliances that have the potential to generate new revenue streams for the partners involved. All client information that Corporate Consultants handles during the course of business is kept in the strictest of confidence.

The following is an example of a strategic alliance arranged by Corporate Consultants: Company X specializes in mortgage financing while Company Y specializes in moving and storage. By bringing the two companies together, Corporate Consultants can create new growth opportunities for both partners — Company X has access to a select audience of relocating consumers who may be in the market for mortgage-related products, while Company Y has access to consumers who will probably need moving services in the very near future. With our eye for successful business relationships and our extensive network of contacts, Corporate Consultants can bring new opportunities to your doorstep!

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