Featured Clients

Corporate Consultants works closely with senior management from a wide variety of national corporations. A sampling of the industries we cover:

Direct Moving Service Providers
National Moving Lead Aggregation Corporations
Real Estate Partners
Mortgage Partners
DTV Partners
Affinity Organizations
Mass Box Retailers


Benefits Of Working With Corporate Consultants

Access to our extensive network of key decision-makers and affiliations. Our personal connections with senior management at national companies produce exciting new partnerships and revenue streams. Our network includes national financial organizations, key “big-box” retailers, affinity groups, online media and traditional media corporations, publishers, marketing and advertising agencies, e-mail distributors, call centers, TV, Radio many others.

We’re in constant discussions with senior management at numerous companies regarding their planned marketing strategies and corporate objectives. This means that we’re continually learning about new opportunities that are unknown too much of the business world — opportunities that could be a perfect fit for your organization.

“One-stop shopping” for new opportunities. Our network of multiple contacts opens the doors to a diverse array of organizations. This means you’ll have broad access, and won’t be limited to strategic alliances with just one company or within one industry.

Opportunity for “piggybacking.” Because we work with so many different companies, and receive so many proposals, we can “piggyback” on our strategic alliances by adding new partners as the opportunity arises. Therefore, an existing alliance can always branch out with new products and services at any time.

A focused, dedicated partner. We’re focused on developing strategic alliances every single day — it’s what we do! We can be your “eyes and ears” — searching full-time for new opportunities for your business.

Unlimited potential for new distribution channels and revenue. Because we’re constantly in discussions with an array of companies seeking new alliances, the opportunities for our clients are vast.

Other companies are always seeking new partners — and they call us for suggestions. Corporate Consultants has built a successful track record, and executives know to contact us when the time is right.

Influential advice. National companies are receptive to launching new marketing platforms based on advice from Corporate Consultants. They’re often willing to try something new because our relationship is built on trust. Your name can be part of their next new idea.

Time. We’re focused on developing strategic alliances every single day — we can save your company significant amount of time and expense. In several capacities, a) we know where the new opportunities are. b) we can present corporations at times to partners well ahead of their respective competition c) with your companies products and services, strength and brand we can gain massive market share quickly and efficiently, Corporate Consultants would be perfectly positioned to present your company to key partners as a strategic partner of choice.

We hope you share our enthusiasm about our potential affiliations. Corporate Consultants look’s forward to the opportunity of working with you.

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