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Corporate Consultants works closely with senior management from a wide variety of national corporations. A sampling of the industries we cover:

Direct Moving Service Providers
National Moving Lead Aggregation Corporations
Real Estate Partners
Mortgage Partners
DTV Partners
Affinity Organizations
Mass Box Retailers


Our Proven 10-Step Process

The following step-by-step process outlines the way Corporate Consultants typically works with clients to achieve successful marketing partnerships. Although this process has a proven track record of results, it is a general framework that can be adapted as necessary to fit the unique needs of each individual client.

1. First, Corporate Consultants (CC) researches our client’s business strategies and objectives to gain a thorough understanding of what they want to accomplish. We examine how the client has accomplished these objectives in the past, and how they plan to achieve them in the future.

2. CC will then formulate specific suggestions for the client to modify, improve or maintain new acquisitions.

3. CC will examine any and all past, present and future opportunities for the client.

4. CC will contact all existing partners in its national network of business contacts, as well as any and all future partners.

5. CC will discuss the client’s products and services with all partners, and then determine which partners may be interested in developing an affiliation with the client.

6. CC will contact the client and present any and all possible affiliation/partnership opportunities.

7. CC will determine if the client has an interest in pursuing any or all of the possible affiliation/partnership opportunities.

8. Upon the client’s approval of an affiliation/partnership opportunity, CC will contact the partner and set up a conference call. If the conference call discussion is satisfactory to both, the client and partner will agree to move forward, execute an agreement, and launch the partnership.

9. CC will keep in close contact with both parties to ensure the affiliation is a win-win for all. As the partnership continues to grow and mature, CC will analyze its status to ensure there are no missed opportunities — and to determine if any new marketing opportunities can be created to enhance the existing relationship.

10. CC will then repeat the above process with any and all other marketing partners, as attractive opportunities are identified.

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